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v.2.00 3017 (09/28/09)
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Windows - GSC Client Application Notes
added extra voice server login checks.

3016 changes
Fixed a crash that occurred when recording audio while connected to a voice server.
Fixed a condition that caused packet buildup and audio delay when multiple users are talking at the same time.
Removed search warning for GSC 1.00 servers.

3015 changes
fixed a login deadlock.
you no longer need to logout/login to remove a voice server
ping time now shown correctly when creating a voice server.

3014 changes
adjusted closing of channels when connection to chat servers is lost.

3013 changes
Fixed issues with system messages having unintended text/wrong text

3012 changes
Fixed issues related to fileswap functionality not working as intended.

3011 changes
NONE - 3010 was a bad build.

3010 changes
Adding voice server by IP Address not shows "Add Voice Server" instead of "Create Voice Server".
Fixed issue where a voice server would be on your list but sometimes not displayed.

3008 changes
Fixed Invited users staying in invited group after accepting an invite.
fixed gsc:// web commands not always correctly processing.
fixed double clicking on tray icon would sometimes show sign on and friendlist dialogs.
Fixed manualy changing status to AFK would not move you to AFK room.

3007 changes
Voice server disconnection issues resolved when having large amount of users in the voice server.
fixed punbuster issues for CODWAW.
crash fixes.

3006 changes
Users who just logged off are shown in bold for a brief duration.
online users in clan tab are sorted to top.
When closing then reopening file transfer dialog current running downloads were not shown.
fixed issues with sound notes and inerts not being replaced more then once.
fixed issue where sound notification panel would use excessive CPU time.
when joining a password protected channel sometimes the display would change back to the IP of the server.

3005 changes
Fixed issues with Voice Activity Detection.

3004 changes
fixed issue where GSC wouldnt start if GSHookHelper.dll wasnt installed.
enhanced internationalization by using unicode versions of device names in settings dialog.
you can now no longer enter a channel with push to talk only then switch to voice activity detection.
gif support in channels.
hitting enter in dialogs with text edits will now perform action in that dialog.
fixed excessive cpu usage when querying a voice server.
filtered "sample tts voice" for TTS voice selection.
fixed issue where a sound note would play multiple times.
fixed issue where rcon username/password wasnt always saved.
a popup will now appear if you try to join a game server when the game is not installed.
fixed some game detection issues.
fixed issue where https:// hyperlinks were not parsed correctionly.
GSC can now use OpenAL instead of DirectX.
upgraded speex library.
Fixed numerous crash conditions.

3003 changes
removed UI components that were depreciated and replaced by other UI options.
fixed "minimize friends list to system tray" setting holding when logging in as a different user.
you can no longer add a voice server to your voice server list twice.
fixed users not being set to AFK room when going AFK.
fixed needing to add a tag to your channel to make it searchable if it wasnt searchable by default.
fixed issues with foreign languages and device selection for audio devices.
fixed World in Conflict keys not being filtered when in game
fixed games appearing on launch list twice when you log in twice.
fixed issues with NOD32 detecting GSC as a virus.

added assistance for GSC 1.00 users.

3001 changes
Fixed issues with configurations not being saved properly with multiple GSCs running.
File Transfer Dialog sometimes started up with no item selected.
Sign on dialog postion was not always saved correctly
Friends on friend list not always being highlighted when opening multiple chats tabs.
Fixed issues with icons not being updated properly in chat dialogs when multiple chats open.
Deleting a voice server did not always remove it from your voice server list.
now able to expand all voice server search columns.
fixed issues with channel search not always working for owner.
fixed idle time not always appearing correct.
Progress dialog shown when deleting a voice server.
fixed issue with person being AFK with no status replying with blank message.
Chat tabs now flash
fixed Groups on friend list didnt save position upon relogin.
fixed issue with being in multiple voice servers and not being able to save server changes.
Unfinished error dialogs now correctly show a string description of the error instead of just a number.
Fixed ETQW punkbuster detection.
All Guis with "OK", "Cancel", and "Apply" buttons now match Windows origization of those buttons.
Fixed issues with not always being able to get keyboard/mouse devices in BF2.
Fixed voice server scan issues when voice server was on list more then once.
Fixed Identity widget icons when switching skins.
Fixed issues with not being able to transmit/receive audio after comming back from IDLE.
Fixed issues with room joins with privledged status.
Voice servers added "by specifying" are now scanned when added.
fixed Reorginizing voice server crashing client.
fixed issues with nicknames in certain channel messages.
fixed issues lauching arma with steam install.
fixed issue with friend invites being shown multiple times.
voice channels on friend list now show user counts.
Fixed issues with overwriting a file during file transfer and failing.
fixed title bar issues with UTF-8 in web browser dialog.
users blocked are automatically denied friend requests.
Fixed issue with downloading multiple files from different users
Fixed issue with GSC caching bad ip addresses when not connecting to internet (causing a "cannot connect")
Fixed issues with multiple voice servers of same name/ip/port appearing in searches.
fixed ut2k4 64 bit detection issue.
Chat dialog title text now changes depending on which tab is active.
Fixed issue with race drive grid.
Muted users on join are now shown text that the owner requested users be muted on join.
Fixed issues in Game Setup with elements not always displaying according to configuration.
Fixed render bugs in Web browser.
Added option to launch internal GSC web browser.

first beta version of GSC 2.00

2067 changes
Cleaned up Voice Server audio panel to render smoother, removed excess spacing.
Fixed bug where voice server tooltip would popup for groups.
Added image for voice server tooltip with no server icon.
Fixed image sizes on voice server tooltip.
Fixed spelling mistake.
Added "add to friends" to clans tab.
Fixed issue with GT urls not always returning proper site.
Fixed EditGameParamsDialog not being minimizable.
Fixed issue when removing friend from offline group you could not add them immediately back without logging off.

2066 changes
Added new audio panel to bottom left of voice servers to quickly see/adjust your audio settings.
Added more games.
Fixed lock up bug on start up.
Added a new tab called "Clans". Clans on www.gametracker.com you belong to will be shown here.
Fixed issue in new ManageVoiceServerDialog where description was not properly filled.
Fixed issue where just logging in some of your buddies did not have proper fonting/highlighting.
Adjusted interaction of edit control for setting your status.
Changing your status in GSC will change your status on the www.gametracker.com website.
Added "View Profile" to invite dialogs.
Added a Voice Server Tooltip.
Added an autologin proceedure when launching www.gametracker.com websites.

2065 changes
Adjusted "new user" text in tabs show condition.

2064 changes
XP skin adjustments
Relabel of channel as voice server
Many bug fixes with Identity section.
When creating a voice server, pings in combo are updated while pinging.
Fixed bug where game servers tab could become hidden.
Added option to scanning game servers when tab brought to front.
Fixed fonting issue on SignOnDialog status when skin changed.
Fixed issue where server text would get cut off on servers list.
Friends in your friends lists are now aligned with groups
Added more games.
Added ability to hide tooltips and help question mark.
Changed chat dialog min size.
Fixed issue where some users were not set to share their current voice server by default.
There is no longer a default idle text.
Fixed bug where manage server sometimes hung on save.
Progress dialogs, and update dialogs can no longer be forcibly closed by pressing ALT-F4.
Fixed bug where idle time did not always display correctly.
Fixed issue where friend/channel/servers tree items may not be the same height after switching skins.
Fixed bug where system tray menu font was not always updated with skin changes.
Image changes in orange skin.
ManageServerDialog has been redesigned.
Fixes for wrong rcon parameters for cod4.
Rename "join in server" to "join in game server."
Added option to have new windows recentering on cursor.
GSC can now detect if you are the owner of a voice server or not on your voice server list.
Fix for user counts appearing wrong after a friend invited you.
Added new user welcome screen to each tab.

2063 changes
Fixed bug where Voice Server names would stay colored even though you had left them until you moused over them.
Tooltips can now be accessed from the right click menu.
Fixed issue with random appearing in Game Browser history.
All GUI components now have a tooltip on them with a brief description.
Game Setup has been redesigned.
A new Skin that looks windows XP has been added.
The XP Skin is now the default for XP computers.
The Vista Skin is now the default for Vista computers.
GSC now starts up for the first time with Push To Talk as the default settings with a default push to talk key of '`' (tick).
Fixed issue where in game settings was not disabled when disabling in game services.
Friends, Voice servers, and Game Servers are now tabbed.
"Join User on Server" is now enabled by default.
Nickname usage throughout the app can now be set by checking a box next to where you set your nickname. This effects nickname usage everywhere in GSC.
a new '?' button on the title bar now exists that will bring users directly to the wiki entry for that GUI component.
Change settings for MU online due to it being a game guard game.
Web Browser dialog incorrectly had a small minimum size, and now correctly comes to front.
Added the ability to invite a friend to one of your favorite servers.
Users being chatted too now appear in a different color on your friend's list.
Clicking "Sign on" now relabels itself as "Cancel" to indicate that the operation can be canceled.
Fixed CRYSIS detection when installed from DVD media.
Game Servers you are playing on are now colored different on your Game Servers list.
A visual notification on your Voice Servers list now occurs when a Voice Server is being connected to.
Chat Dialog has been restructured.
All menu items have been reorganized to (hopefully) provide a easier user interface.
Fixed issues with Media Player plugin not functioning properly.
Fixed issue with settings dialog "Apply" button being highlighted even though no settings were changed.
Fixed issues with multiple copies of my friend icon appearing.
Notifications edit box clears out when changing from TTS to wave and nothing and vice versa.
Redesigned Identity info allowing users to change their status quicker.
Comments now only appear in Voice Servers.

2062 changes
Fixed rendering issues with textures in Quake engine games.
Fixed detection issues with SWAT4.
Changed delete message for deleting channels/friend groups.
Added ability to specify server specific options (rcon username/password, server password).
Minor font fixes with right click menus.
Profiles now go directly to GameTracker profiles.
Added Wiki to Help menu.
Enable Text-to-Speech by default.
Lower GSC Executable priority.
Added "My Profile" to View menu.
Fixed issue when no files were updated updater was still ran.
Game Browser Filter settings is now minimized by default.
Help Bubble in Channels no longer flickers.
Minor issues on starup where GSC would not start.
Fixed issues where dialogs would not always be centered on screen by default.
Fixed issues with user tooltip in and out of channels.
Fixed bug in game browser where favorites/history counts were getting updated with filter changes.
Fixed issue where GameBrowser didn't always save all filter settings.
Fixed bugs with multiple GSCs running.
Changed default opacity of in game chat to 100%.
Added right click to channel users for copying IP address (administration function).
Fixed modality issues in manage dialogs.
"Primary sound capture devices" no longer the default sound device.
Custom setup games are sorted Alphabetically into launch menu.

2061 changes
Fixed crash bug with auto searching for a game in game setup.

2060 changes
Fixed in-game issues with input handling (ArmA and FFXI).
Fixed bug in Frontlines Fuel of War scanning.
Fixed bug where Server Tooltip didn't always show player names.
Tell a friend now tells you person's username if they already exists and asks if you'd like to add them.
Added a warning on GSC start that using of Voice changer software could interfere with GSC running.
Add disableVCCheck to your start options to disable this check.
You can now attach a message to your friend request.
Changed Add Friend to make both users friends of each other.
Added option to hide Chats when in game (defaulted on).
Fixed issue where removing your buddy icon would not update your identity panel.
Fixed minimize issue when dialogs were "Show in systray".
Added Minimize button to browser dialog.
All settings are now per user. As such you can not change your settings until logged in.
Added ability to add a channel by channel id.

2059 changes
GSC Preferences are now deleted when uninstalled properly as well as the GSC folder.
Fixed bug where channel counts werent displayed properly.
Fixed crash bug for gamespy2 based games.
Added Frontlines Fuels of War scanning.
Fixed issue where gsc:// commands were not always properly recognized by chat/channel dialogs.
Fixed issue with retrieving a user's icon when adding them to your friends list
Fixed highlight issue with server sorting from main window.
Added button to open screenshots folder.
Added hyperlink to add a server to your favorites. (ex. gsc://addToFavorites:game=q3&ip= )

2058 changes
Added options to delay loading of Gametracker.com favorites until after logged in.
Added "GSC Connect Link" to information you can copy/paste from a server.
Updated IP to country conversion. less countries will show "Unknown" now.
Added option to disable icon animation.

2057 changes
More Game Browser enhancements and fixes.

2056 changes
Reduced amount of network calls required to login.
Added a popup for Vista users when starting CoD4.
Added a login information dialog for games that require a login to enter servers. (BF2)
Moved Game Setup into the Settings.
Reduced memory requirement for large amounts of servers in Game Browser.
Reduced network traffic required to get basic server information in Game Browser.
Fixed issue with single frame .GIF images using 100% CPU.

2055 changes
Restoration of lost hotkey functionality.

2054 changes
Deleting a channel or channel group from your channel list now correctly closes those channels.
In game fixed for COD4/BF2142/BF2.

2053 changes
Fixed some game icons not showing up properly.
Fixed issue with crysis servers being unscannable.
Fixed issue where your channel status did not change if you deleted the channel from the manage dialog.
Fixed issue with not being able to unmute a person.
AFK message dialog now correctly displays an error if you try to save a message without a name.
Fixed offline message sent notification not being shown
gsc:// hyperlinks now work from chats/channels.
Better DX9 screenshot capability.
reduced profile mail check to once every 30 mins.
Fixed issue with Punkbuster still kicking player even if BF2/BF2142 were disabled from game setup.

2052 changes
Fixed renderer issues with DX8 games (FFXI).
Fixed in-game issue where pressing IGC hotkey would steal input if IGC was disabled.
Fixed bug where incorrect game server you are playing on would be sent to your friends.
If you modify your friend or channel group, it will be updated in the friend/channel search dialog for adding friends/channels.
Fixed some grammer mistakes.
Fixed some GUI bugs with friend/channel search dialog.
ETQW scanning now uses the new ETQW getInfoEx call to get player scores.
Fixed issues with custom games not being detected when you are playing them.
Fixed add to friends not always asking what group to add user to.
Added right click "move to channel" (also in menu bar).
Added Fast channel/server finding by typing.
Reduced min size of chats.
Fixed bug where MS internet games would not always detect properly.
Chat dialogs no longer disabled when network connectivity lost.
Crash dialog now has a place for you to leave a comment about what happened when crash occured.
Missing OS right click menus off title bar restored.
Now support Multi-language input.
TTS engine now supports multi-languages.
Game type in game browser now properly selects game mode instead of game name.
Update check placed before login occurs.

2051 changes
Fixed bug with improper mapping of icons to users.

2050 changes
All punkbuster now have in game chat on by default. as to avoid user confussion that in game isnt supported for that game.
If you are receving punkbuster errors from games please see http://forums.getgsc.com/showthread.php?t=174
Fixed crash bugs introduced from rework and verification.

2049 changes
rebuild of 2048 for external disemination.

2048 changes
Rework of audio processing.
Verification of audio processing.
Verification of codec switching while talking in channel.

2047 changes
Addressed issues with bad audio under Vista.
Disabled Noise Pre Processor until further notice.
Addressed issues with large login/logout.

2046 changes
GameServer tooltip doesn't hide for 3sec after mouse leaving.
Added option to decrease frequency of channel user counts.
Added option to disable channel user counts.
Fixed annoyance with sign on dialog and not being able to just hit enter to sign on.
Enhanced keybinding interface.

2045 changes
Added a Noise Pre Processor to GSC.
Voice Activation now uses a Signal to Noise Ratio rather then raw values off the sound card.
When you type in uneditable portion of chats/channels, editable portion is now activated.
Fixed issue with copy/paste having unwanted characters.
Adjustments fo query protocol for ETQW1.4 servers.
Fixed issue where users would perceive a file as not uploading to fileswap.com
Fixed issue where fileswap.com functionality did not always state your password was invalid.
Fixed issues with missing players in BF1942 servers.
Added sound notifications "only for me"
Added ability to have GSC control your media player through a media player plugin and system hotkeys.
NOTE: Please see GSC website for iTunes plugin and plugin SDK.
Added ability to copy server ip/port/queryport to clipboard.
Fixed issue where certain 16 character ip addresses were not translated correctly.
Added ability to have GSC send events to external displays devices (such as G15 keyboard).
NOTE: Please see GSC website for plugin SDK.
Fixed issue with "user XXX is afk" appearing multiple times in a chat.
Reorganized channel connection as some connection items were being held up by others.
Server list on main window is no longer grouped by game server type.
Fixed issue with ports being wrong when adding a favorite server.
Added text to error message if zone alarm is installed on machine.
Fixed issue with voice tree popup being in wierd spots or wrong location when popping up.

2044 changes
New chat server connection. logins should proceed faster.
Fixed infinite reconnect issue when a room had exceeded the amount of users it was specified to hold.
Fixed crash bugs related to changes from 2043 version and reduced cpu/memory requirement.

2043 changes
Fixed issues with double clicking min/max/close buttons and window going fullscreen
Away messages are now alphabetically sorted.
Fixed CPU usage issue with identit widget
Fixed issue where identity panel would not always display proper buddy icon.
Fixed crash bug in DX9 games.
Slightly reduced memory requirement and thread count.
Progress bars can now be skinned.
Slightly reduced background CPU requirement.
Upgraded 3rd party tools to reduce crash reports.
When unable to join PTT channels/rooms GSC now asks user if they want to setup PTT.

2042 changes
Adjusted way file updates are downloaded for users with low bandwidth
Allow users to hide channel chat session.
Skins how have disabled images for line edits.
Added ability to filter game servers based on a server setting.
Underscores are no longer filtered on game variables.
Game variables that begin with numbers will have an underscore prepended.
Fixed bug where you couldn't always paste a url properly into GSC.
Fixed issue with GameDetector not filtering quotes in game locations.
Added inactive title bars.
Scrollbars now have a centered thumb image.
Fixed issue with copying channel info.
Connection test now checks for update service connectivity.
Now have ability to set your icon as an animated gif.
NOTE: not animated in trees or in tooltip (takes first frame)

2041 changes
Fixed crash bug related to going AFK when you have no friends.
Adjusted Focus issues with combo boxes related to scroll wheels.
Adjusted issues where a right click would act as a left click.
Fixed URL parsing bug related to URLs having characters hat could be picked up as smileys.
Web sites are now opened in browser by default.
Skins are now zipped using 7zip. http://www.7-zip.org/
NOTE: If you are using a skin created by a friend or yourself GSC will start with default skin.
Fixed issue where loading favorites serves would have wrong query port for a server.
Fixed issues with drag/drop being activated from right clicks.
Fixed bug where buddy icon would not always appear in identiry widget.
Added options to enable/disable game icons throughout GSC (requires restart).
Application load time improved.

2040 changes
Fixed issues with in game not being able to be enabled for games. Specifically related to COD4.
Misc crash bugs fixed.

2039 changes
fixed issue with game detection for non-steam games.
fixed issue with away menu being visible even after file menu closed.

2038 changes
Update dialog can now be minimized.
Fix for nvidia control panel being slow while GSC running.
Fixes for UT3.
Fixes for favorite servers not always being saved properly.
Channel MOTD can now be HTML.
Fix for user not always appearing online after invite.

2037 changes
Fixed issue with offline group expanding when user goes offline.
Fixed game browser count ideosyncrasies.
Fixed issue pasting HTML in chats/channels.
You can now enable in game for games that GSC has disabled in game for.
Fixed issue with right clicks crashing application.

2036 changes
Fixed bug where server info wouldnt always appear in your own tooltip.
Minor crash bugs fixed.
Adjusted server detection.
Filtering "Dead" servers no longer filters unscanned servers.
Changed "kills" to "Score" in game browser and tooltip.
Adjusted sorting in game server tooltip.
Fixed crash bug with 3ds max. NOTE: 3ds max may still hang on exit.
Fixed issue with Quake4 games.
Fixed issue with Flashing windows.
Website menu items are now enabled by default.
Fixed bug where favorites would not always save country.
Fixed bug where adding servers to the servers list would make each one "hot".
Fix for idle time not being consistant between friend and channel list.
Added 44Khz Speex and GSM codec.
More copy options for Copy user info.
Fixed timeout with uploading files to fileswap.com
fixed error with wierd numbers in transfer rate.
Fixed bug where offline users werernt properly highlighted.
Changing input/output device will now only alert you to rejoin channel if you are in a channel.
Improved ability to block/unblock a user.
Channels you are now in a highlighted on your channels list.
Adjusted way servers are downloaded from gametracker.com for users on low bandwidth connections.

Fixed bug in Search Dialog related to search parameters getting improperly removed.
Can no longer send offline messages to users that don't exist.
Sounds do not play if workstation is locked.
Audio errors do not popup if workstation is locked.
Added ability to message a user not on your friends list by username.
Fixed issue with fileswap right click.
Fixed minor issue with fonts in channels.
changed way invites are displayed.
Fixed bug where friends list status would reset when adding/removing a user from block list.
Added in game service status on identity panel.
Fixed issue with gsc:// commands.
Fixed issue with Punk buster kicking GSC from COD4 (other games may be effected) when in game is enabled.
Added ability to enable/disable in game on a per game basis.

2034 changes
Resolved issue with JPGs not always being displayed
Added Auto-Reconnect.
Your Channel will now be opened after created.
Signing Off now brings you to the sign on screen while signing off.
Fixed bug where game status on identity panel would not always clear.
Fixed issues with updater involving certain DNS setups.
Offline group now alphabitized.
Fixed issue with COD4 and not being able to auto connect to a server from game browser.
Adjusted way games were identified as being "played" (diablo 2 coming up skillride poker)

2033 changes
Numerous bug fixes/minor enhancements with uploading files.
Installer now checks if NOD32 is running.
Installer will now insert an icon into your "Send To" folder.
Fixed issues with being able to generate queries which were not allowed.
Added a "Tell A Friend" option to send people an email about GSC.
Fixed issue with admins being able to ban/kick other admins.
Added a new server tooltip which will allow you to see players on that server.
Admins can now mouse over a user and see which IP they are connected from.
Added a new skin called "cloak".
Fixed issue with copying URLs out of chat/channel text.
Minor gui clean up across the application.
Fixed bug where you would have to log out then in to delete a newly created friend group.
Renamed "Key Bindings" to "Hot Keys" to avoid user confusion.
Game Detector will now check all HDD for games not just C:\
Adjusted way voice is played to reduce a jitter effect when starting/stopping games.
Added ability to resize player's table in Game Browser.
Game Setup Dialog shows a "Loading Games" when loading games.
Increased friend Icon size in friend Tooltip.
Fixed issue with server invites not being decoded properly.

2032 changes
Fixed game scanner issues for Doom3 with bots.
Fixed game scanner issues with ETQW.
Fixed DND messages not appearing under certain conditions.
reduced memory footprint of game scanner.
Fixed issue with being able to switch rooms before channel finished refreshing.
Country codes now in order by country name instead of country code.
The country associated with your IP address is listed first.
fixed issue with "i'm not afk" appearing in remote friend's list.
Rework of Login Process.
Possible fix for game browser rows appearing blank.
Fixed many lock up bugs.
Fixed bug where certain sound notifications wouldnt save.
Fixed issue with name color stripping.
Fixed bug where proper vocoder wouldn't always be selected.
Fixed bug where muting self and managing channel changes my mute status.
Added feature to game browser where countries list populates as the game results pour in.
fixed error in player names in etqw
Game browser status count now updates when a filter is applied.
Fixed game browser status sync issues.
When adding a favorite or launching a game and having it add to the history in the game browser, it now appears scanned.
Fixed bug where servers were not getting scanned on login.
Fixed bug in game browser where favorites/history would randomly get deleted.
Fixed status count bug in history table of game browser.
Added ability to share a file with the entire channel via fileswap.com

2031 changes
Added more skinning ability.
Fixed issue where 2 scroll bars would appear on friend's list
All skins now have Browser navigation buttons.
Sound Notifications have been rearranged to appear more group and alphabetical.
Fixed issue with nicknames not showing up if IMs were started from a channel.
Fixed exit sound notification not always playing to completion.
Added ability to reset a single sound notification.
Fixed issue with room names reverting under certain situations.
Fixed issue with fonts not always appearing correctly after a skin change.
Fixed bug where server tooltip would popup unexpectantly.
Fixed issue with not being able to remove/add channels from/to auto start list in settings dialog.
Fixed issue with phonetic name being your nickname.
Added ability to copy a user's name/channel connection info/server connection info from friend's list.
Many Game Browser Enhancements/inprovements.
Added ability to add channel to your channels list from channel.
Fix certain icons not being able to be loaded as your buddy icon.
Fixed issue where randomly direct input could not be used. you should no longer have to deactivate direct input.

2030 changes
Fixed Dividor position issue.
Fixed text selection issue.
Idle time how shown in tooltip.
username will now change font when user's status changes.
Fixed some minor spelling mistakes.
Server list will not scan servers if not shown.
Added a tooltip for servers on your server list. this can be accessed directly by middle clicking.
Fixed sorting issue after a rescan.
Fixed issue where EA downloader was detected as the game "Voyage Century Online"
Fixed issue with chat logs not always being saved when exiting.
Fixed issue where buddy icons would show multiple times in settings dialog.
Redesigned channel search dialog. You can now associate you channel with a particular game(s).
Fixed issue with voice Channel logs not being saved on a per username basis.
You no longer need to wait for a ping to complete in order to create a channel.
Fixed issue where using certain mouse buttons for PTT would cause windows to drag.
Added ability to send some friendly text with a channel invite.
Reduced CPU requirement for Game Browser.
Fixed issue where 2 AFK user's AFK message would constantly "ping pong" back and forth to each other.
Added ability to send a file transfer request from the chat dialog and channel dialog. You can still only send files to users on your buddy list.
Fixed sound notes triggering for muted users.
Added option for plain text chat/channel logs.
Maximize button has been added to certain dialogs.
Fixed some fonting issues with disabled text edits.
Added ability to scan Team Fortress 2, Insurgency, and Fortress Forever servers.
Fixed serveral redraw issues after changing skins.
Embedded browser now has icons instead of text for controls.

2029 changes
Fixed minor issues with nicknames in channels.
Fixed in gmae bug with Eve Online.
Fixed nickname not showing in chat/channel text.
Fixed in game issue resulting in frame rate drop in GL games.
Invited group is now auto hidden if empty.
Fixed bug where player count was not always displayed correctly in game browser.
File Transfer now shows a more user friendly filesize.
Added ability to drag/drop files to buddy to start file transfer.
Fixed issue where game guard games hide themselves to make it appear they were not running to GSC.
Fixed minor issues with File Transfer and not allowing spaces in file names.
emoticons are now not translated in system messages for chats/channels.
Fixed issue with rooms disappearing if two people were editing the channel at the same time.
Internal Web Browser can now use Mozilla by downloading the Mozilla activex plugin from http://www.iol.ie/~locka/mozilla/mozilla.htm
Internal Web Browser now shows navigation user interface.
Added game servers list to buddy list dialog. This can be enabled/disabled in the "View" menu. This is synced with Gametracker.com
Added Quake 1, Quake World and Quake 2 scanning support.

2028 changes
Auto clipper is now defaulted to off.
Game Password field in Game Setup now echos as a password field.
Fixed game scanner issue with ETQW games.
Redesigned Friends List and channels list.
Added ability to see what game your in locally.
reduced memory footprint of game scanner.
Changed text when user joins a channel.
Added text/sound notification when user joins a room
Slightly lowered default volume.
fixed small render bug in game browser.
fixed URL highlighting.
Added ability to Peer-To-Peer file transfer.
Added ability to set a "Nick name" for yourself.
Fixed lock up on exit.
Added option to mute sound notifications on AFK.
Fixed DX game multi-surface issue (discovered from Delta Force Xtreme)
Fixed error in sound name file.

2027 changes
Tooltip text is now cut of at a predetermined limit.
In game now watches more socket communications possibilities.
In manage dialog switching to the password field selects the password radio.
A progress dialog is now shown when awaiting for manage results.
Settings dialog now switches automatically between offline and online.
Deleting a friend/channel groups now shows the item name in the confirm dialog.
New chat dialogs do not steal focus anymore.
Fixed issue with formatted text not keeping its format.
Stopped users from being able to block themselves.
Redesigned mac skin to look and feel more mac like.
Added emoticon key shortcuts.
Changed when the sound notification would occur when user leaves a channel.
Adjusted the way the key bind for channel up/down works.
Numerous in game adjustments.
Numerous draw adjustments in skinning.

2026 changes
Add feature to skinning to allow you to align text.
Fixed bug with channel always being muted coming out of afk.
Sped up login process.
minor ui adjustment to Game Browser.
Fixed issue where you and the channel were muted when closing the buddy dialog.
Added ability to set username and password for games. this effects BF2 mainly.
Fix for In game system under Vista.
Added ability to include password in autojoin URL.
Added ability to skin scrollbars.
Output volume now updates when apply is hit in settings dialog.
MOTD is reannounced when it changes.
Fixed issue where GSC was ignoring a privacy prefences for game status in channels.
"Page User" and "Invite to Channel" no longer available for offline users.

2025 changes
Fixed Minor issues with apply button in settings dialog not enabling.
Fixed issue where custom user icon wasnt properly drawn while talking.
Fixed inability to mark a channel as the "afk" channel.
Added more alternate codes for emoticons.
Fixed window "Docking" ignoreing options from settings.
Fixed window "Docking" not taking into account the taskbar.
Channel dialog now has "send" button for sending messages.
Fixed image issues in tooltip.
Fixed bug where selecting an item in the friends list would cause the friends list to scroll to the item with a drag selected.
Rooms now have a muted icon if room muted.
Middle mouse button activates tooltip.
Tooltip shows user "offline" if they are not online.
Fixed draw issue with being AFK in a channel and in a game.
Added option to not show friends list on the taskbar.
Fixed issue with cursor automoving to end of text in channels and chats.
Room Recorder now takes into account volume settings.
Fixed issue where saved files did not have "WAV" extention.
Added privacy option for showing channel to friends.
Fixed issue where if channel name changed while connected it would not change on friend's display.
Fixed issue where if another user in channel went afk you were moved to AFK channel.

2024 changes
Channels now have "talk permissions".
Fixed detection issue with Q3A Urban Terror mod.
Added ability to set a room in a channel as the "AFK room".
users will automatically move to/from the "AFK room" when status changes to/from "AFK"
fixed issue with typing text and not autoscrolling to bottom.
"Dead" servers are filtered by default.
Channel locations are sorted by ping when creating a new channel.
Adjusted login proceedure.
Changed settings dialog.
Fixed issue where right click would count as left click in certain areas.
Fixed expanding issue in room tree in channel.
Added bindings for certain operations.
Added ability to own more then 1 channel.
Fixed detection issue with BF2142.
Fixed issue with menus being translucent behind dialog.

2023 changes
Fixed issue where status combo would change if you used a mouse wheel over it.
Fixed issue with menu bar popups not closing properly.
When banning users if switching from username to IP ban field radio button automatically changes.
Added ability to create a new group for a friend asking to be on your buddy list.
Fixed issue when already AFK and having IDLE enabled.
Fixed sync issue with friends list.
Fixed bug where COD2 servers would not always detect properly.
Added word wrap to In Game Chat.
Added option to show/hide offline users to In Game Chat.
Added ability to filter servers while searching.
Renaming channels/friends now has the previous channel/friend name in the rename dialog.
Removing channels/friends now has the name of the channel/friend you are removing.
Create channel dialog now pings all servers and auto picks the server with the best ping.
Fixed some scanner bugs related to Steam variant games.
Renamed "report bug" to "suggest improvement".
Added additional error checking for saving a friend icon or a channel icon.
reduced memory footprint required for voice.
Fixed sync issue where rarely GSC would start with no friends showing even though they were online.
You will now get an error box if you try to intentually add a friend to your friend list twice or more.
changed channel deletion text.
hovering over channel icons now changes the mouse pointer to the proper pointer.
Open File dialogs now save last directory/folder used.
Adjusted time strings in manage server dialog. they now all match.
Adjusted ability to transfer ownership of a channel.
Fixed many issues related to the voice tree and users not being in the right part of the tree.
disabled in game chat for CoD2 multiplayer due to numerous reports of punkbuster errors.
Cleaned up manage server dialog code - now should notify you if settings aren't saved and restores previous settings.
Adjusted text alignment in voice trees.
You now only need to logout/login to disable in game services.
In tooltip if a field would have shown with a N/A it now does not show.
Removed "Edit Ban" from manage dialog.
Fixed bug where certain characters were not allowed in comments.
Fixed names not always aligning properly for BF2142.
Added more default sounds for the sound notifications.
fixed sound note issue with user silent/talking.
reduced CPU requirement when not transmitting/receiving voice.
Added ability to change skins without restarting GSC.
Fixed bug related to "user has left room" when they werent in room.
Dialogs are now dockable.
Reduced network calls required to transmit voice.
Added ability to see what channel your friend is in. This shows the last channel you opened.

2022 changes
Adjusted user text to avoid confusion in settings dialog and manage server dialog.
Adjusted text in Create channel dialog.
Adjusted text for updater dialogs.
Fixed issue where changing text chat settings did not make apply button enabled.
Fixed issue with being AFK when signing off.
Fixed focus issue with tooltip.
Added ability to delete a username from the sign on screen by pressing delete.
Room comments are now shown next to the room name.
Added menu item to change comment in rooms.
Added indicator to in game system for when you and/or your room is muted.
Added ability to un-minimize all open channels from tray icon.
Fixed issue with switching between Voice Activation and Push to Talk while in channels.
Fixed issue where you were unable to join a game with a friend from a channel.
Blocked users are now voice blocked as well as chat blocked.
When not connected to rooms ping will now read "Not Connected".
Game Browser now sorts as games are added.
Added togged in time to tooltip in channels.
Fixed bug in room name drawing code.
Added server name to tooltip.
Fixed bug in tooltip where game information would not appear properly.
Fixed bug where game data in channel would not change if someone left a server.
Adjusted way users are added to display in channels.
Changed default Voice Activiation Detection Silence Time to 2 seconds.
While talking a user's custom icon will now change color.
Adjusted color of text of a talking user.
Added ability to auto AFK after a certain amount of Idle time.
idle time is checked based on mouse/keyboard/joystick movement.
Fixed issue with not being able to see friends in other rooms until moving to that room.
Fixed issue where GSC was incorrectly identified to the OS.
Fixed issue where users were dropped randomly from the room.
Fixed issue where closing GSC while scanning for games would hang GSC.

2021 changes
Fixed "Mute on Join" not applying.
Added tooltip to channel.
Added hyperlink to tooltips. You can now easily join your friend in game by clicking a hyperlink in the tooltip.
Certain Audio preferences no longer require leaving the channel to apply.
Minor UI adjustment to Game Setup Dialog.
Changing your audio input/output device now shows a reminder to leave rooms for it to take effect.
Fixed issue where new users joining channel would not always get notification of other users talking.
Adjusted default Voice Activation Detection Level.
Adjusted voice playback priority.
Added preview to sound notifications.
Added getgsc.com to launch menu.
Games that previously allowed text through to game while typing in game no longer allow this.
Added support for paging users.
Added a new user welcome screen.
Added option to launch all URLs using System default webbrowser.
Added Savable away messages.
Changed double click effect in voice rooms. Now just moves you to that room.
Adjust volume now updates user's volume in real time.
Fixed issue where people were asked twice to allow a user to their friends list.
Fixed issue related to unplugging a USB headset microphone and not being able to close a channel.
Added automatic sign off if your IP address changes.
Fixed issue where you could accidently drag/drop wrong user to a new room.
Fixed sound notification issue when user rearranges their friend list.
Added ability to search for friends in your friends list by typing their name.
Buttons, checkboxs and radio buttons that currently have focus now indicate they have focus.
Read only user interface controls now are a different color to avoid user confusion.

2020 changes
Fixed issue with Updater not working properly on Vista Machines.
If you use Vista and set yourself a beta user it is highly recommended you reinstall.
Fixed issue where Tree in new channel design would keep selection/hot item colored even when moving to a different window.
Added option to disable auto clip detection.
Adjusted Tooltip appearence.
Adjusted text appearence in friends list.
Adjusting window flashing.
Fixed issue where comment/game status would disappear.
Adjusted "voice server" strings to "voice channel"

2019 changes
Buddy list and sign on dialog now save size/position before being hidden.
Dialog to add a server to your favorites lists now allows copy/paste properly.
Wrapping mode changed in chat/channel dialogs.
Restored missing cursor (caret) to missing text areas.
Fixed copy/paste from chat/channel dialogs containing certain HTML codes.
Fixed issue where blocked user list only contained one user even though you had blocked multiple users.
GSC will now check your profile mail.
Fixed crash bug when removing a channel.
Fixed Adjust User Volume Dialog, it now displays the saved setting.
"Invite to Server" relabeled "Invite to Channel".
New channel interface.
Registered users of a channel now have an icon associated with them.
Added ability to use SHIFT+ENTER to insert a return into chat/channel text.
In Game Chat fix for Metal of Honor AA and BT.
This fixes a lot of OpenGL based games such as Serious Sam.
Added more games.
In Game fix for lagging users in certain games.

2018 changes
UI adjustments to Add Favorite Server in Game Browser to avoid user confusion.
Adjusted buddy icon display for those with buddy icons with irregular sizes.
Adjusted issues related to status changing and stating status had changed when it did not.
Fixed issue with icons being certain sizes.
Fixed issue with icon aspect ratio in tooltip.
Friends that are AFK and in game will now show both in buddy list.
Fixed save dialog position/sizes issue.
Changed hyperlink color in certain skins.
IP addresses now DNSed once instead of each operation.
"Show in game to friends" now actually applies.
Fixed issue where buddy tooltip would spawn in irregular position.
Fixed issue where channel icon would not let select the original icon.
Adjusted buddy icon display in channels.
Added in game status and afk status to channels.
Changed chat dialog arrangement.
Added warning to blocking users.
Fixed bug where IGC would send offline messages causing user to get kicked from game.
Fixed issues related to operations that can no longer occur but were allowed by previous versions of the client.
Fixed issue where client would crash while talking.
Voice Tree in channel no longer resizes when you modify the channel window size.
Fixed bug where manage server icons would not restore properly if they contained an alpha channel.
Fixed bug which caused users not to broadcast if they were broadcasting continuously and switched to another channel.
Game setup, buddy/channel search and about dialogs no longer "always on top".
New updating system to reduce updating time and download size.
Fixed issues related to large buddy lists.
Fixed issue with launching certain steam games.
Fixed crash bug with scanning games that were incorrectly marked.
Fixed bug in game that crashed some games.
Trying to launch a game that is not installed now brings you to game setup dialog.
Fixed game browser issue with BF2142.
Added ability to launch a game and join game your friend is currently in.
Added ability to launch a game with a password for the server your connecting to.
Fixed issue where error dialog boxes would appear offscreen.
Increased default Volume.
Increased max volume.
Increased thread priority on recording threads.
Fixed issue where warning about being a beta tester would not be shown.
Added ability to not show games in launch menu.
Added ability to add additional command line options to game.
Fixed issue where on startup sound notifications would trigger for each friend signed in/out.
Fixed issue where closing certain channels would close other open channels.

2017 changes
Dialogs that were previously just hidden are now destroyed when closing them.
Issue where In Game system would deadlock fixed.
Added option in channel menu to be able to set wheather or not the channel is open on login.

2016 changes
Fixed issue where under certain conditions GSC would not send to your friends your game status.
Fixed issue where certain games would not launch if not in the default directory.
Fixed issue where GSC would report user online several times even though they had not changed their online status.
First time users will now have the GSC lobby open for them automatically on startup.
Fixed focus bug in Creating a Channel.
User entering/leaving game now puts a line in the Chat text.
Fixed issue where "user left room" text would not appear.
Groupings in buddy list now show count of items in group.
Enabled ESC key closing of certain windows.
Fixed issue where In Game Chat would not always receive all your buddies.
Added ability to open more then one channel on startup.

2015 changes
Added Ultra Wide band Speex and GSM codec.
Fixed crash bug in Calibration.
Fixed issue where rarely game browser did not populate.
Removed ADPCM codec.
Added ability to set amount of silence time before deactivating Voice Activation.

2014 changes
Dialog clean up. more edits/dialogs now accept return to complete the dialog/operation.
Popup menu in channel now show "Mute User" as a selection.
Fixed bug where Phonetic username configuration button would do nothing unless TTS was enabled.
Fixed minor display/crash bugs in GameBrowser.
When sending a server invite, you will join that server as well.
When you select "Mute Me" in channel a mute icon will now be displayed next to your name.
Fixed error in configuration files that cause Soldner and Maple Story to not get recognized.
Fixed error in configuration files that caused Diablo and Doom3 to not get recognized.
Fixed error in configuration files that caused Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Painkiller to not get recognized.
Fixed error in configuration files that caused Call Of Duty United Offensive to not get recognized.
Fixed error in configuration files that caused Serious Sam series of games to not get recognized.
Added Sound Notification Wave Files.
Your current sound notifications are saved if you have them.
If you prefer to use the GSC sounds you can click "Use Default Sounds" in the Settings Dialog.
Added ability to play Calibration audio through Codec.
Fixed crash bug when a Half-life server would not return its server rules.
Fixed issue where certain Quake 3 servers would not show due to a invalid character being in the data.
Fixed scan issue if Battlefield 2 server was incorrectly marked as Battlefield 2142.
Fixed bug where Gametracker text colors didn't always draw properly.
Fixed bug where user was allowed to accidently flood another person via away messages.
Enhanced calibration user interface.
Fixed issue where Room Recorder assumed codec was wide band.
Fixed issue where Voice Recorder codec was not always changed when room changed codec.
Fixed issue where going AFK and signing off would have you AFK when you signed back in.
Fixed issue where certain servers in game browser would not display correctly due to names using awkward characters.
Fixed issue where the Voice Activation level would "reset" when GSC restarts.
Added Web profiles.
Added button to search friends to view profile.
Added item to menu popups on a username to view profile.
Adjusted input focus on Chat Dialogs.
Enhanced GameBrowser to show games as they finish scanning.
Enhanced GameBrowser to show server rank.
Added ability to set query port on a "Favorite" server.
Changed behavior of buttons program-wide so they activate when the mouse is released in the button area.
Added Right click menu to GameBrowser.
Adding improved In Game support for...
Deathmatch Classic
Condition Zero Deleted Scenes
Battlefield 1942
Unreal Tournament 2004
Red Orchestra
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
Day of Defeat Source
Half-Life Deathmatch Source
Half-Life Source
Half-Life 2 Episode One
Half-Life Blue Shift
Opposing Force

2013 changes
Added cancel button to friend/channel search dialogs.
Improved game detection.
Improved In Game Chat capabilities.
The following games were tested and no issues were found with a 256MB ATI RADEON X600 video card with driver version
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Singleplayer
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer
Star Wars Jedi Academy Singleplayer
Star Wars Jedi Academy Multiplayer
Age of Mythology
Age of Mythology - The Titans
Doom 3
Battlefield 1942 - Secret Weapons Of WWII
Battlefield 1942 - The Road To Rome
Team Fortress Classic
Team Fortress Classic (Steam)
Half-Life 2 (Steam)
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast (Steam)
BF1942 - Road to Rome
BF1942 - Secret Weapons of WWII
Call of Duty UO SP (Steam)
Call of Duty UO MP (Steam)
Call of Duty SP (Steam)
Call of Duty MP (Steam)
Call of Duty 2 SP
Call of Duty 2 MP
Day of Defeat
Doom 3
World of Warcraft
Wolfenstein ET
America's Army
Final Fantasy XI
Guild Wars
Star Wars Battlefront
Quake III Arena
Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2; Lost Cast
Medal of Honor Allied Assault
Battlefield Vietnam
Counterstrike Source
War Rock.
Games Tested with same card and driver that have known issues.
Delta Force - Black Hawk Down KNOWN ISSUE: Crashes on exit.
Delta Force - Black Hawk Down Demo KNOWN ISSUE: Crashes on exit.
Age Of Mythology KNOWN ISSUE: Glitches with water rending.
Age Of Mythology - The Titans KNOWN ISSUE: Glitches with water rending.
Team Fortress Classic KNOWN ISSUE: works in OpenGL mode only.
Kal Online KNOWN ISSUE: Crashes on exit. (HGaurd game)
Medal of Honor Allied Assault KNOWN ISSUE: May need to launched from GSC to work.
CS 1.6 KNOWN ISSUE: works in OpenGL mode only.
CS Condition Zero KNOWN ISSUE: works in OpenGL mode only.
Serious Sam KNOWN ISSUE: OpenGL: Random blackness when console is dropped. D3D: No IGC.
Serious Sam - The Second Encounter KNOWN ISSUE: OpenGL: Random blackness when console is dropped. D3D: No IGC.
Silkroad KNOWN ISSUE: Not reliable. (GameGuard game)
Fixed issue with Voice quality on Windows Vista and Some Windows XP machines.
Fixed crash when stopping a "Auto Find" game scan early.
Fixed crash bug on exit.
Fixed issue where Battlefield 2 servers did not always have the correct player names.
Fixed issue where MoH games had ping in place of score.
Fixed issue where modifying channel settings and very quickly pressing "Apply" and "OK" made setting save twice.
Fixed issue where client would crash under certain channel join conditions.
Fixed issue where client would crash if the vocoder was not found.
Addressed issue where channels/chats would flash on first active.
Fixed issue where users at the same privledge level could kick each other. I.E. Admin could kick Admin, etc.
Fixed issue where newly signed on users did not get your afk status until you changed it.
Cleaned up Game Browser.
Add Server ranks from Gametracker.com to GameBrowser.
Fixed issue where Battlefield 2142 was recognized as FEAR.
Added support for Dungeon Runners.
Fixed ability to backspace while holding SHIFT key.

2012 changes
Transfer owner changes now show in channel in real time.
Fixed bug where channel admins were allowed to change channel order.
Fixed bug where message box didn't always spawn around the mouse cursor.
Added options to disable saving of dialog sizes and positions.
Unskinned Menus not have the correct fonts from skins applied.
Increased login timeout.
Added column to channel search that shows channel security.
Added Speex Narrow Band codec.
Allowed channels to be minimized to system tray.
Controllable with settings "minimize to system tray".
New menu off system tray which lists open channels.
Added narrow band GSM codec.
Invited group now collapsable.

2011 changes
Closing a channel from the taskbar did not disconnect you from channel.
Increased the maximum boost that is allowed.
Fixed bug where closing a chat window would cause GSC to crash.
Added phonetic usernames.
Added user comments.
Added ADPCM codec.
Fixed bug related to Push to talk not working in Direct Input mode.
Fixed bug in block users panel which caused sound noticiations to play for entire buddy list.
Search dialogs now clear on reinit.
Fixed user appearing twice in channel.
Possible fix for bug where 2 channel dialogs would open.
Added voice server connectivity indicator with ping time. updates approx. once every 5 seconds.
Fixed minor issues with the bug report dialog.
Fixed some IGC issues with signing off.
Added gsc://openChat command where syntax is gsc://openChat:name=NAME&message="MESSAGE"
Fixed bugs in URL processing.
Changing vocoder would not reconfigure channel without reconnecting.
Fixed security issue with passwords being saved in cleartext. NOTE: you will need to reenter your password if you had it saved.
Speed up game scanning in game browser.
Fixed copy and paste error with not inserting end of lines.

2010 changes
Fixed issue where buddy list would not show user afk/dnd status
Added ability to delay audio ouput during calibration until after test finished.
Fixed issue where turning off your buddy icon did not reflex properly on friend's display.
Dialog boxes are no longer forced to the top application when made activate or created.
Fixed issue where connection to voice server was not always severed.
Fixed issue where GSC was unable to set the volume of certain headsets.
Fixed bug where Voice Activation started in activated state.

2009 changes
Added Tooltip for owner/admin/channel admin.
Fixed security issue with sign on dialog auto completing and entering password.
Fixed issue where changing the skin and hitting "Apply" then "OK" showed dialog reminding to restart GSC twice.
Fixed issue where buddies would not receive updated icon till after they relogged.
Fixed issue where a newly added buddy would not show online till they relogged.
Fixed bug where changing the audio input source was not always reflected in application.
Fixed issue where minimizing channel disconnected you from channel and closed dialog.
Fixed bug where users could not use push to talk unless in direct input mode.
Added menu system to channels for the right click inclined.
Added tooltip to system tray.
Added gsc://joinGame hyperlink where syntax is: gsc://joinGame:game=&ip=&port=

2008 changes
Fixed issue where Quake 3 games reported the number of reserved slots as the number of players
Added the ability to set your channel icon to have a URL when the user clicks it.
Added the ability to block users.
Added ability to reorder channels.
Decreased CPU time required to process audio.
Added ability to have admins drag/drop users to password protected channels without them knowing password.
Fixed issue where dividor positions were improperly positioned on restart.
When dragging/dropping scroll areas now scroll contents when near top and near bottom.
Fixed issue where a user could create 2 Channel dialogs 1 of which did nothing.
Fixed issue where user got network disconnected their name would still appear in channels list.

2007 changes
Online status menu items have check next to them indicating current status.
Fixed bug where vocoders were listed multiple times in manage channel.
Fixed bug where right clicking on task bar and clicking "close" did not disconnect you from channel.
Added ability to add friends and join a channel via a URL.
To allow people to add you as a friend use gsc://friendRequest:/
To allow people to join your channel use gsc://join:/
The channel URL is inserted at the top of channel text when you join.
IM now raised when double clicked.
Additional checks to reduce crash bug when an invalid skin was specified.
Added Skin Translucency.
Adjusted text display message when sending offline message.
Fixed issue where file filter did not pick up proper image files in buddy icon selection.
Added reminder text that GSC needs to be restarted to apply a skin.
Disabling friend's buddy icons still loaded their buddy icons.
Added window captions.
Default input device is now "Microphone" if one exists on system.
Default Screenshot directory if not previously set is now a sub directory in the Windows "My Pictures" called GSC.
Minimize button can now minimize to task bar instead of to tray. Accessed from "Settings".
Right clicking on User's name in chat now gives you the option of adding them to your friends list or inviting them to a server.
Fixed Voice Recorder bug where it would send too much data.
Fixed issue where text was slow to redraw in chats/channels.
Fixed issue where certain running games were not detected.
Fixed issue where admins were unable to kick/ban users.
Added menu item to "File" menu called "Create Channel".
Added special Voice channel group called "Create Your Channel". This only appeears in the GSC Lobby.
Installer now appropriately does not allow install onto Windows 98 machines.
Installer now appropriately does not show "Launch GSC" on uninstall.
Increased the number of default playback buffers.
Registering/Forgot password now launch the default webbrowser to proper site.
System tray menu now includes "Exit" as the final item in the menu.
Transfering Owner options increased.
Fixed issue where Channels weren't properly cleaned up on a network disconnect.
Fixed bug related to the copy/paste of emoticons.
Fixed issue where some dialogs were to large/small.
Fixed Manage Server dialog not being able to recall channel codec. Always defaults to speex.
Fixed issue where sign on dialog name didn't recall last password when changing names.
Added auto clipping detection.
Added sound notifications for when you start/stop a game.
Fixed issue where user was allowed to generate a bad Sound notifications file.
Added ability to invite a user to a channel from within a channel.
Fixed bug where users were listed twice in channel.
Added ability to loop playback during calibration.
Fixed issue where some CoD UO games had "0" players even though a playlist showed more.
Added additional error checking for Push-To-Talk handling.
Added ability to hit the "enter" in the username selection to login.
Fixed issue where user did not change any settings however "Apply" button was still active.
Added ability to disable emoticons.
Changed UI interaction in the "Manage Channel" dialog.

2006 changes
Fixed crash bug when invalid skin file was specified.
Duplicate client running detection added.

2005 changes
Right clicking "Join Channel" now joins the channel.
Create Channel no longer allows enters to be in channel name.
Removing your channel from your channel list didnt delete channel.
Fixed rare bug where games list would not fill in game browser.
games are now listed in alphabetical order.
Fixed issue where GSC would not move to signed off position when losing network connectivity.
Skin selection reenabled.

2004 changes
Disable exit while logging in.
Menu item sync issue between systray and application.
Redraw issue when text scrolls.
Save dividor position with dialog settings.
Filter on open file dialogs.
PNG Conversion, Border Smoothing.
Crash bug with sound notifications trying to be played after app had exited.
Crash bug after logging out and going into settings.
User had the ability to join a PTT only channel even with PTT disabled.
Fixed issue where admin icons did not appear after escalating privledges.
Issue where Battlefield Vietnam generated malformed data.
Fixed issue where a game mod was not neccessarily detected.
Chagned "auto reconnect" to "auto login".
Sound Notifications "Browse" button did not do anything.
Issue where it would recurvively ask for password when joining a passworded channel.
Game name overlapping with username.
Chat/channel dialogs not flashing.
Windows Meta-Minimize (Windows Key + M) did not minimize windows.
Possible fix to issue where channel counts were not showing up.
Fixed issues where changing channel icon would not stick.
If In Game Chat dialog opacity is not between 0 an 1. its set to default (.4).
Fixed issue where auto reconnect was set when no preferences file exists.
Fixed issue where buddy icon was not removable.
Fixed issue where user preferences were only saved on exit.
Issue where channels were not updated when finished managing channel.
Issue where you would have to leave room to complete switching from PTT to voice activated and vice versa.
Fixed rename channel/friend group not doing anything.
Ability to insert "return" characters into channel names.
Fixed issue where context menu would disappear if someone started talking in channel.
Fixed issue where GSC would lock up if drag and drop not completed properly in friends list.
Restored ability to drag/drop users into different voice channels.
Fixed issue where GSC was not launching when set to "start on windows login."
Fixed issue where user was still listed as in channel even when they had left.
Added ability for users to change font on a per skin basis.