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GSC is an instant messaging client for gamers. GSC was created by, the leading Game Server Provider in the world with over 14 locations worldwide. GSC was created after recognizing the need for an easy to use gaming client that incorporated voice communication without the complexity or cost of running your own voice server.

GSC Buddy List

GSC Features

Free Voice Communication

  • Create multiple servers and rooms
  • Pick from any of our 14 datacenters worldwide to host your voice server
  • Full moderation of your voice servers, including the ability to kick/ban users
  • Automatically save server settings

Friend Tracking and In-Game Chat

  • View status of your friends online, including information on games they are currently playing and what server they are on
  • Text or voice your friends instantly — even while playing most games!
  • Easily log conversations for future reference
  • Customize your GSC account with icons, profiles, and more!

Server Browsing and Tracking

  • Find and join servers with our integrated GameTracker™ browser!
  • Look up current and historical server and player stats
  • Manage your favorite servers to quickly reference them in the future
  • Easily find servers with the fastest ping times

GSC Links

  1. GSC Website:
  2. Contacting GSC: Contact
  3. Create account:
  4. Download:
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