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Who owns/creates Game Tracker?

  • Game Tracker is owned and hosted by, the leader in the game server hosting industry. The developers that post on the forums are mike and coredump.

Can you add W feature on X page or fix Y bug on Z page?

  • Yes, it's very likely we can. Be advised that due to time constraints or the worth of the effort needed to put into it, your request many not be added soon or at all. Please read through this post before posting:

Can you add support for <game name>?

Will you add more banners for our websites?

Will I ever have to pay for any services?

  • Currently, everything is provided for from ads on the pages and Basic tracking will always be free, however there may be premium services available in the future. This could include things such as log parsing, ad removal, premium banners, etc.

How come no one is answering my post?

  • There are a few things that could be causing this. Ensure that you meet all of these requirements:
1. In English
2. Minimal insulting and foul language
3. You provide enough information
4. You have waited at least 24 hours during the week (weekends do not count) since your post

It is possible that it was missed but don't think it is ignored. I (Burn) try to help in as many threads as possible but if it is something I do not know or an admin would be best to answer, I may not reply to your thread.

What should I include in a bug report post?

  • If you want a response and fix quicker, you will want to include as much of this info that applies to your issue:
Link to the server the problem is on OR Link to the page the problem is on
Link to the player pages associated with the problem
Any ways to replicate this problem
Screenshots if it is tough to explain
Full error messages you recieved

Where can I donate to Game Tracker?

  • We do not accept donations, however, a good way to give money to Game Tracker would be to rent a game server from

Servers: Adding, Management, and Usage

Where can I add a server to Game Tracker?

Note: Servers from will be automatically added.
  • 3. Game Tracker will now attempt to scan your server. Here, you will encounter one of three results:
a. A green box will appear with the correct name of your server. This means that the server scanned successfully and you can click the "This is correct, add this server" button under the server name. Your server is now in the Game Tracker database and you can access it at the URL provided to you on the next page, or by referencing your list of favorite servers.
b. A red error message will appear saying that Game Tracker is unable to scan your server. Please review the list of suggestions given and check the server information before resubmitting.
c. An error message will appear saying that this server is already in the Game Tracker database. For your convenience, it will automatically add the server to your favorites for easy access. If you are the owner of this server, you can claim the server to gain ownership rights on Game Tracker.

I tried adding my server to Game Tracker, but it won't scan. What happened?

  • When we can't contact your server, it usually results from one of the following:
a. Your server is offline. Game Tracker needs your server to be online before you can add it to our database. Please restart your server and make sure it's running before hitting ADD SERVER again.
b. You entered the wrong query port. Please update your query port and hit scan again.
c. Your server is firewalled. Please turn off any firewall you have that may block scanning or make sure all necessary ports are opened so Game Tracker can successfully scan your server.
d. You have entered an invalid IP address. Please make sure you are entering a publicly-accessible IP address (no local area network or VPN addresses).

If you are sure that it is not one of the problems above, you may post a bug report fully describing your situation at the bugs and feedback forum.

  • Miscellaneous Problems:
You are part of a Brazil network that blocks all foreign traffic.
Your server does not report statistics. (Commonly America's Army)
Your server uses a custom protocol we do not support. (Commonly Unreal Tournament 2004)
You run Ventrilo 2.3 which is not fully supported.

My host uses dynamic DNS ( How can I find the IP?

  • Simply enter your URL in the add server box and Game Tracker will resolve it to the IP. Due to the way the scanning algorithm, security issues, and website layout, Game Tracker cannot currently support dynamic DNS.

I have a firewall. How can I get Game Tracker to scan?

  • In order to allow Game Tracker to scan, you must open the "UDP" and "TCP" ports for your game servers' query and join ports. This information is available in the server properties in the account dashboard. Please note: Since we have many different scanners, we do not provide a range of IPs that you can also allow access to your firewall. Opening the query and join ports in your firewall should not create any security holes in your network. Advanced: For some games, it is possible that only opening the UDP port will be sufficient. Try opening this rule and see if Game Tracker begins scanning.

Game Tracker is not scanning my server properly

  • If Game Tracker is not scanning your server properly, chances are your server may not be configured properly. We recommend using HLSW, a free software game scanning tool, to scan your server and verify the results against Game Trackers. You can download it here: HLSW Download. If HLSW is reporting the same incorrect results, or cannot scan your server - your server is configured incorrectly. Please contact your server admin, or hosting company - we cannot help configure your server! Once HLSW is properly scanning your server chances are Game Tracker will also. If it does not please post in detail on our forums including the information HLSW gives you and which field game tracker is incorrectly reporting.

How can I become a server "owner"?

  • To become an "owner" of a server, follow these steps:
1. Add the server to your favorites. (Navigate to the server info page and under the Server Name, Game, and IP you will see a link to add it to your favorites)
2. Click "Manage Game Server" under the Server Info heading on your server info page. Alternatively, click the area with your username in the left part of the main navigation and then on "View Servers". Click "Manage" next to your server.
3. Click the claim button, or "Dispute ownership?" if there is already an owner.
4. Follow the instructions on the page that comes up.
5. After you have authenticated successfully, the options on the "Manage" page should be available for you to use.

What do I exactly get to do as an "owner"?

  • Game Tracker server owners have the ability to:
1. Manage blog entries
2. Block users from posting in your server blog
3. Assign server to a clan
4. Reset individual player stats
5. Reset entire player stats
6. Change the location flag detected
7. Change the game the server appears under
8. Remove your server

Why do some players have PROFILE next to their name?

  • See What are gamer nicknames under the profiles FAQ section.

Why can't it find GameTracker in my title?

  • Your server name needs to be GameTracker or Game Tracker, and GameTracker only. Not at the end, not in the middle, not Game Tracker COD4 Server, etc. We cannot allow partial matching since some servers have names such as "Stats powered by Game Tracker" or some other mix.

Can I add another user as an admin for my server page?

  • This is not possible with our current setup, however it will be possible in the future.

How can I merge two player names?

  • There is no way for you to merge two players together. This may be added in the future for server owners.

How does server ranking work?

  • Server ranking is determined by the server's average players. It is not soley the number, but rather the average players throughout the entire month compared to other servers. A bigger part of this is recent popularity that will push you up/down.

How does the scoring for players work?

  • All games have different scoring systems. Game Tracker will show your score generally by the variable that will move you up on the in-game scoreboard. Many things can come in to consideration for this and it can be kills, deaths, or completing objectives such as capturing a flag. It all depends on the game.

Why is my banner displaying old info?

  • The banners may take up to 60 minutes to detect a change in your server's name and game type. Please wait up to 2 hours before posting a report that your banner is not updating.

Can I change the IP of my server in Game Tracker?

  • No, the IP cannot be changed. If the IP or join port has changed, you will have to re-add your server. If your query port is need of updating, post a thread in Game Tracker Bug Reports on the forums. Do not be frustrated with losing your server ranking. Game Tracker's server ranking is determined on a month timescale, so if your server is just as popular as before - it will regain its rank quickly. However, if the new IP is not as popular, it will end up at the same rank either way.

Can I transfer my stats/ranking to another server?

  • This is not possible. Read the FAQ just above this one as it could apply to your situation.

Where can I remove my server?

  • To remove a server, first go to your server info page and click "Manage Game Server" right under the Server Info heading. Next to "Added By: USERNAME |" it will have a link to remove the server. The person who added the server can delete it for up to five days following the addition. Server owners can remove their server by clicking the same button, unless it was "Automatically Added".

Clans: Adding, Management, and Usage

How can I add a clan to Game Tracker?

What happens when I send a personalized invitation to a friends email?

  • When you search for users to add to your clan, you can search accounts by emails. If there is no registered user with that email, you can send them a personalized invitation to join your clan. This message will contain a link to register with the Game Tracker website and allow them to automatically join your clan. It skips the steps of having to register, invite, and accept and just having you invite and register the person.

What are the country flags in our header under the clan name?

  • This is a list of all the countries of the members in your clan. It will have the flag, country name, and the number of users who live in that country. Each user's country is editable in their profile.

What does an In-Game Name do?

  • An in-game name changes the the way the players name appears on the clan page. This is what Game Tracker will look for in your clan's servers to see if you are playing.

How does clan ranking work?

  • A clan's rank is determined by three things:
1. Server ranks
2. Number of servers
3. Number of members in the Game Tracker clan

How can I find a clan?

Can I add another user as an admin in my clan?

  • This is not possible with our current setup, however it will be possible in the future.

Where can I delete my clan?

  • If you are the clan owner, click the box in the navigation with your username in it. In the dropdown, click "View Profile". Find the clans block and next to the clan you want to delete, click the [X] button.

Profiles: Usage and Management

My activation code never came via email

  • We can resend your welcome details including your activation code. You can even specify an alternative email address in case your ISP is discarding Game Tracker email incorrectly as spam. Rest assured your ISP is being paranoid - we are not spammers! Go here to do so

Why aren't my gameplay hours updating?

  • Gameplay hours are counted through the GT Lite software. You must play games with GT Lite open for anything to be counted under game play hours.

Why doesn't my banner show me as online?

  • Your user banner in your Game Tracker profile will determine you as online when there is a match with your in-game name in your clan's server.

What are gamer nicknames?

  • A gamer nickname is a way to put your player alias's on your profile, much like favoriting a server. However, your player alias will also have an effect on other places throughout Game Tracker.
1. On a server info page, the players list will show a PROFILE image next to any player linked to an account.
2. The player page that is linked to an account will show the user's avatar and username.
3. On your name history page

Non-Game Tracker Related Questions

I have a question/bug report regarding GSC

  • All GSC related questions see Contact

Why was I banned?

  • does NOT run or administer any game server. The staff at Game Tracker,, and its affiliates can NOT do anything to help you get unbanned or to unban you from a server you may be playing on since it is NOT owned by Game Tracker.
However, we do provide an easy way to contact server administrators - the server blog. Follow these steps:
1. Search for your server here:
2. Go to the server's info page. On the right side of the page, there is a section entitled "Server Blog". Click the "Add Blog Post" button. **
  • Some users who have claimed their server may also have a Game Tracker clan page. You will see any of this information in the main Server Info section of the server page. Click on the clan's name if there is one there. Use these tips to find more information:
1. Look in the About Us section for any contact details.
2. Send a private message to an admin in the Clan Members block or add them on GSC. **
3. Read through any News in the News block for any contact details.
4. Make a post in their clan forums on the clan page. **

** These require the admins/clan members to be active on Game Tracker or GSC.

  • If that doesn't work:
1. Check the server's name for a website.
2. Use a search engine to search for part or all of the server's name/ip. Disregard any Game Tracker URLs in the results.
3. Get a buddy to join the server to find any contact information in the MOTD or from another player.
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